So I figure this is the best way for me to track my progress (mentally and physically)…I’m probably wrong but hey this is free so why not?

Here are a few of my goals:

#1 Gain weight to 150 lbs. Seems simple enough right? Just stuff my face with shitty food? Well no, I want to add healthy weight and muscle. I’m what people call a “Hard gainer”. I have a thin frame…I know most people say “You’re lucky” but trust me I hate it. No girl wants a thin guy (Well that’s completely wrong but being thin doesn’t give me a lot of confidence and no girl wants an unconfident guy). My main focus for creating this blog is to track my gains.

I’ve read a ton and educated myself on proper weight gain…main thing I’ve learned is do what works best for you because everyone is different. There is so much advice out there, you have to pick what works best for you because not everything will.

I’m going with a program that I bought from Jason Ferruggia ( because it seemed like the best of those I researched. So wish me luck. I’ll keep posting my #s here.

#2 Learn a new language this year. Well next year (2013) since it’s already mid-December. Learning a new language has always been a goal of mine but I’ve always been too lazy. But not next year. I’m posting this to call myself out and keep me honest on it. I’ll likely get the Rosetta Stone Spanish system and work on that this upcoming year.

#3 Stop watching TV…Easy enough, I’ll be canceling my cable to do so. It’ll help me pay for the Rosetta Stone too.

#4 Read. I don’t read many books. I plan on doing that with my new found free time after canceling cable. I have a library card so that’s half the battle. I plan on visiting it a lot more often.

#5 Put myself out there. I am what people call a loner. I don’t get out much. Time to stop making excuses and get out a bit more. That would be nice right? I’ll keep you posted on my adventures.

#6 Learn new things. Well other than Spanish. I’m buying Groupons ( to try out new things. I have snowboard lessons bought already and plan on visiting some museums too in the downtime of winter.

So anyway…wish me luck.